Weekly Legislative Update for Friday, May 5

Weekly Legislative Update for Friday, May 5

South Carolina Association of Convenience Stores

· 5/2 – Attended House Judiciary Committee for S. 275 (breweries), which received a favorable report after two attempts to amend the legislation

o   The first amendment proposal removed the provision to allow a brewpub to offer tastings on premise if they receive a liquor license. This was proposed as a way to deal with the issue of brewpubs operating on all three tiers of the system. Debate was adjourned on the amendment.

o   The second amendment changed the amount of the tastings to 24 ounces, 12 of which would be of higher content beers and ales, which was proposed to align the bill more with the state’s current liquor licenses. The amendment was tabled by voice vote.

· 5/2 – Attended reception for Sen. Mia McLeod (D-Richland) and Sen. Margie Bright Matthews (D-Colleton)

· 5/2 – Attended reception for Rep. Ivory Thigpen (D-Richland), Rep. Will Wheeler (D-Lee), Rep. Lucas Atkinson (D-Marion), and Rep. Michael Rivers (D-Beaufort)

·5/2 – Attended Senate Republican Caucus reception

·5/3 – The House non-concurred with the Senate’s amendments to H. 3516 (S.C. Infrastructure and Economic Development Reform Act, roads bill/gas tax).  Sen. Paul Campbell (R-Berkeley), Sen. Vincent Sheheen (D-Kershaw), Sen. Ross Turner (R-Greenville), Rep. Gary Simrill (R-York, Majority Leader), Rep. Todd Rutherford (D-Richland, Minority Leader), and Rep. Brian White (R-Anderson, Ways and Means Chairman) were appointed to the conference committee.

·  5/3 – S. 359 (unfair trade practices for motor fuel retailers) received third reading in the House and was returned to the Senate with amendments, which the Senate concurred with. The bill was enrolled on 5/4.

· 5/3 – Attended reception for Rep. Laurie Funderburk (D-Kershaw)

·  5/3 – Attended Senate Democratic Caucus reception


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