Tobacco Stamp Update

By January 27, 2019Blog, Legislative

Tobacco Stamp Update

SCACS Members, 

A quick update on where we stand with the tobacco stamp extension legislation.

We received language from the Attorney General’s office that all of the stakeholders have agreed to, regarding the extension language for the joint resolution (see attached).  Senator Alexander filed a Joint Resolution (S.398) that is tentatively scheduled for a hearing next Tuesday at 11am.  They are going to amend S.398 with the attached language from the Attorney General’s office.

Regarding our House bill, we received the Attorney General’s language yesterday and sent it to House Ways & Mean’s staff for them to draft and get ready to file.  We have also sent talking points to Chairman Smith so he can address it when it’s introduced.  This amendment will be introduced early next week. 

Bottom line, we have one vehicle in the Senate and we’re about to have another one in the House as soon as next week.  Our lobbying team feels very confident that we will resolve this issue well within the April 1 timeline.  

Please let me know if you have any issues or questions.  I am always a phone call or text away 24/7.

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