Shear Valve and Vent Lines – Moratorium on Inspections and Notice of Alleged Violations

By March 2, 2018Uncategorized

Attention SCACS Members: 

Recently, members of SC DHEC’s Environmental Affairs management team met with industry stakeholders, underground storage tank (UST) owners/operators, members of SCPMA Board of Directors including their Executive Director Michael Fields, as well as members of SCACS Board of Directors. Based on conversations at these meetings it became evident that the process and method of inspecting shear valves and vent lines has not been consistent from facility to facility.

Therefore, SC DHEC’s Environmental Affairs management team directed that effective immediately there will be a moratorium/suspension on all NOAVs associated with shear valves and vent lines for all UST system inspections.  This includes suspension on all actions that are pending within the compliance and enforcement processes associated with shear valves and vent lines.

The UST program will be gathering all relevant information, discussing appropriate protocols and collaborating with industry stakeholders to develop an agreed upon approach and method for inspecting shear valve and vent line compliance with existing regulations.

This was a great victory for our industry and a great demonstration of the teamwork between our two associations.  For additional information, please feel free to contact SCACS Headquarters at (803) 419-0804.