Do You Know An Outstanding Store Manager, Retailer, Independent Retailer (1-2 stores only) or Supplier that you would like to recognize through the SCACS Awards Program?

Deadline for nominations: April 15, 2017

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Brenda Craig 

Store Manager of the Year Nominations

Piedmont Petroleum Corner Mart

Brenda Craig has been in the industry for 22 years. 20 years at Corner Mart. Everyday that she works she tries her very best to put a smile on each customer. She goes out of her way to make sure everyone at the store feels welcome. Her day to day goal is to keep a moving operating store. Brenda has ran more stores locations for the Cosgroves than any other employee that has worked for Piedmont. She has improved the lottery sales of every store she has taken over. Brenda has customers who followed her from store to store for the last twenty years. Group of 3 older men drive from highway 11 just to drink coffee at the store Brenda works at. Brenda is has been a loyal employee to this industry.

Mj Farah

Independent Retailer of the Year

Jakes One Stop Shop and Grill, LLC

Majed Farah grew up in Jordan until the age of 11 and came to the US in 1995. He and his family lived in Detroit for 10 years and while in Detroit he triple majored in business at Davenport University on a full academic scholarship.  His family then moved to SC in 2005.  MJ didn’t hold a regular job for more than 3 months until he knew he wanted to move on to something else.  He purchased his first store at the age of 21. Jake’s One Stop has been a family business and will continue to be.  His father, Faris gave MJ his 25 years of experience in a crash course that college never could and he is so thankful for his direction.  His mother did all of our paper work and filing for the store.   He credits the store’s success to his purchasing and brand manager Roda Farah who came in 5 years ago and helped the family transform our business with her negotiations tactics and her cut throat purchasing methods.  MJ says “There are thousands of suppliers out there and the ones willing to fight for my million are the ones that get it.  I’ve been with JL Gaddy Wholesale from the beginning and they helped us grow tremendously. .The most important part of any store is the Convenience Store supplier and without my Gaddy family and their direction coming into the business we would have had an extremely hard time.”

MJ is always looking for the next big thing and keeping up with market trends.   He is always taking his novelty business to the next stage.  He started with 1 display case and 12 years later he is up to 15 cases and has million dollar segment in his store.

Thinking outside the box and being able to reinvent his brand and utilizing technology has grown his business.

Facebook ad campaigns, like-tag-share events, cruise giveaways have helped us reach our goals and maximize our potential.  “Making your business a destination is extremely hard to do but with an aggressive pricing strategy I was able to have 50 people stand outside my doors on black Friday and have people drive 2 to 3 hours to come visit our little store”

“Success is never measured in dollars and cents to us its measured in family and happiness.  Its measured in every employee and their children and being able to afford a good living and have their family around them.  My success is credited to all my employees and their hard work.”

Dean Davis 

Supplier of the Year Nominations


He is a man that puts everyone else first.

He is a dedicated father and employee.

He is a man that spent 23 years with the same company, and worked his way up through the ranks.

He started as a Route salesman in 1994 and to no surprise to anyone, in 1996 he was ranked #1 Route sales and promoted to Zone Manager in Feb. 1996

During his time as a DSD Route Manager, in 2001 he was inducted into the Dreyer Grand Ice Cream Hall of Fame

He has held many jobs over the years, Distributor Sales / Route Manager-Charlotte District, Regional Account Sales Representative and most recently  National Account Manager – C-Store Channel Sales

He’s covered territory from West Virginia to Georgia (Go Dawgs), and if you have ever been in the car with him, he’s most likely been there or called on that customer at some point in his career.

Anyone that knows him, knows he doesn’t meet a stranger, and he can build a relationship with almost anyone

Hal Crenshaw

Retailer of the Year Nominations

Crenco Food Stores, Inc.

This year’s nominee and ultimate winner is known for his personal as well as corporate reputation of being a servant leader not only for this industry but in his local community as well. From involvement with local youth and scholarship programs, sports teams and causes such as Muscular Dystrophy Association. This retailer truly puts his money where his heart is, and he and his company are real advocates for his community of customers.

From leading cheers at SCACS Legislative Auctions to leading cheers for his Clemson Tigers, there’s not doubt about this retailer’s passion.

As a past president of SCACS and a long term board member, he is one always on the front line of legislative issues, concerns and efforts.

Early in his career, Hal’s dad was in the oil business and was building and renting store buildings. While his dad was still building Crenco #1, Hal was planning his wedding to Tami and suggested to his dad that he consider letting Hal run the store. So Hal, his dad (Harold Crenshaw, Sr) and Hal’s sister Jodie started Crenco Food Stores, Inc. Tami was already working at the office before they were married while she was going to college so she was there at the beginning as well.

When the renter decided to retire at the Richburg location that’s when Crenco #2 came about. Crenco has had 9 stores at one time but now own and operate 3 convenience stores and 2 auto/truck stops in 3 countries.

Hal always seems to have a smile, a laugh and a story to share but this great guy takes his business, his beach olympics and his dedication to his community very seriously.

The word is that ” no excuses are allowed when employees are needed at the stores and the weather isn’t the best. Hal’s been known to provide transportation to and from work when the weather is questionable… he has even put employees in hotels closer to their stores if necessary to ensure that they can open the store doors when the community needs them.”

Dedication, passion, fun-loving, servant leader…all describe our friend, our colleague and our 2017 Retailer of the Year, Hal Crenshaw and Crunch Food Stores.



SCACS 2016 Award Winners

Store Manager of the Year
Betty Simmons, EZ Shop

Retailer of the Year
Scott Landrum, Landrum Inc.

Supplier of the Year
Woody Swink, McCall Farms

Hall of Fame
Eddie Buck Sr., Buck Management Corp.

SCACS 2015 Award Winners

Store Manager of the Year
Karen Wall, Anderson Oil Company

Retailer of the Year
Larry Lytle, Speedway

Supplier of the Year
Gary Dozier, Core-Mark Distributors, Inc.

Independent Retailer of the Year
Jatin Patel, Param LLC


SCACS 2014 Award Winners

Store Manager of the Year
Kenneth Feagin, Hess Express

Retailer of the Year
Brent Drake, Drake Convenience

Supplier of the Year
Wayne Barlow, Sell Ethics/Jack Link’s Beef Jerky

Independent Retailer of the Year
Bonnie Hart, The City Marina Sea Store

SCACS 2013 Award Winners

Store Manager of the Year
Pam Weavil, Corner Mart

Retailer of the Year
Sheri Mehaffey, Blythewood Oil Co.

Supplier of the Year
Bubba Hopkins, Cheerwine/Carolina Beverage Corp.

Independent Retailer of the Year
Brent Townsend, SAV-A-Step, LLC

SCACS 2012 Award Winners

Supplier of the Year
PET Dairy

Retailer of the Year
Bob Brandi Stations

Store Manager of the Year
Teresa Farley, B&B Convenience Stores

SCACS 2011 Award Winners

Supplier of the Year
Thomas & Howard Company

Retailer of the Year
Blythewood Oil Company

Store Manager of the Year
Barbara Crolley, Buck Management Crop.

SCACS 2010 Award Winners

Supplier of the Year
American Snuff Company

Retailer of the Year
Hickory Point

Store Manager of the Year
Angie Fortner, Charlie B’s C-Store

SCACS 2009 Award Winners

Supplier of the Year

Retailer of the Year
Buck Management

Store Manager of the Year
Kathy Carter, Hess Express

SCACS 2008 Award Winners

Supplier of the Year
Anheuser Busch

Retailer of the Year

Store Manager of the Year
Sandy Bell, Sunoco, Inc.

SCACS 2007 Award Winners

Supplier of the Year
Lance Snacks, Inc.

Retailer of the Year
Piedmont Petroleum

Store Manager of the Year
Teri Saunders, Bountyland Quick Stops

SCACS 2006 Award Winners

Supplier of the Year
J.T. Davenport & Sons

Retailer of the Year
Worsley Companies

Store Manager of the Year
Darcie Guerry, Sunoco, Inc.

Award Testimonials

Woody Swink- 2016 Supplier of the Year Winner

It is an honor to win the SCACS supplier of the year.  This has been a great organization to our company and has allowed us to grow our convenience store business not only in the Carolina’s but through the south.

There is great leadership in this organization and we look forward to being members for a long time to come.

Gary Dozier – 2015 Supplier of the Year Winner

“Being awarded Supplier of the Year by SCACS is one of the most prestigious honors any supplier can receive. The recognition from your peers is humbling and very rewarding”


Bonnie Hart – 2014 Independent Retailer of the Year Winner

“It was an honor to be chosen as the Independent Retailer of the Year; to be recognized among my peers as one of the best, among the best. The SCACS awards program offers recognition in an industry where recognition for a job well done is usually only seen on the bottom line, especially for Independent Retailers and their managers. The award for Supplier of the Year is much needed recognition for companies who strive to be great business partners, giving excellent customer service and increasing not only their own company’s profits but the store’s as well.”


Dale Feagin – 2014 Store Manager of the Year Winner

“Winning the SCACS Store Manager of the year was one of the highlights of my life.   From the day I was surprised by a store full of friends, co workers, and family to the last day of the convention, it was all an exciting time!  The prizes were outstanding and the accommodations at the convention were first class.  But more than the material things was the feeling of truly being appreciated for all my hard work.  Thanks SCACS for a memory my family and I will always treasure.”