Do You Know An Outstanding Store Manager, Retailer, Independent Retailer (1-2 stores only) or Supplier that you would like to recognize through the SCACS Awards Program?

Deadline for nominations: April 15, 2017

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Betty Simmons

Brabham Oil Company/EZ Shops

Let us tell you about the 2016 Store Manager of the Year, Ms. Betty Simmons, with Brabham Oil Company, Inc. doing business as E-Z Shops.  Ms. Simmons has worked in the industry for more than 30 years and the last 10 years she has one specific store in Edisto.

Our Store Manager of the Year’s supervisor, Joe Norman, says that Betty was given a store that had been a “challenge.” “But not only did you take on the challenge, but brought the store back to life, and then went above and beyond and won 3 company awards including “best shrink,” “payroll award,” and best store image award.

In fact, Norman says we can quote him, “She’s just like a marine. She sees a problem or a task and she conquers it and overcomes it – and then goes above and beyond and over achieves!”

It isn’t uncommon for this lady to take shifts for her employees from time to time to try and ease unexpected situations.

She provides an annual luncheon for all of her employees – and pays for it all personally – out of her own pocket.

She works with her customers who have unique needs or situations and helps them plan accordingly. She knows her customers so well that she’s able to makes them aware of availability and specials on specific items that they need, use and can access with the various help programs.

And on top of all of this, she also drives a school bus during the year.

Scott Landrum

Landrum Inc. 

Meet our 2016 Retailer of the Year, Mr. Scott Landrum with Landrum Inc. doing business in the upstate as Sav-Way stores.

Mr. Landrum is fairly new to SCACS, but he is not new to the c-store industry. He has been in the business for the last 22 years.

By his own testimony, Scott says he grew up poor but he never let that stop him. He worked in a number of different industries that ultimately lead him to work for a friend who owned a convenience store. While working for his friend, he saved enough money to buy his own store.

Fast-forward 16 years and Scott has built a business that includes 8 stores across the upstate of South Carolina. Scott says “a good attitude about hard work has really paid off and he’ll never forget working at least 17 hours a day for the first two years of owning his own business.”

Scott says “building the business himself helps him appreciate it more every day.”

The statement that “the sky is the limit” is more than just words at Landrum Inc./Sav Way. Scott and his company have met numerous sales goals, have received top honors from their food wholesaler and use the company motto of “treating customers like family” to continue to inspire and motivate.

Least you think it’s all work and no play. . . At least once a year, Sav Way hosts a customer appreciation day where Scott provides tons of free food, drinks and killer prices on gas. Scott enjoys being able to brag that he pumps each customer’s gas personally on that day.

Please join SCACS in congratulating Scott Landrum and the folks from Sav Way, the 2016 SCACS Retailer of the Year.

Woody Swink

McCall Farms

The Supplier of the Year Award is often given in recognition of a company that stands out in the industry. . . and sometimes the award is more focused on an individual. The individual focus is the case for this year’s winner.

This year’s winner is Woody Swink with McCall Farms.

You may find it very interesting that Woody works for his family’s business, McCall Farms, which was established in 1838 with a 2,000-acre farm in Effingham, SC.

During their 178 years in business, McCall Farms has developed into a flourishing canning and freezing operation, acquiring a number of national brands including Margaret Holmes, Peanut Patch Boiled Peanuts, Glory Foods and Bruce’s Yams.

McCall Farms today employs more than 1,000 people in its 1.1 million square foot manufacturing facility.

Woody went to Clemson University and after graduation, he returned home to work in the family’s business (McCall Farms).

During is first year out of college, Woody saw an opportunity to sell hot boiled peanuts in convenience stores.

McCall Farms had sold canned boiled peanuts on the shelf in grocery and convenience stores for many years, but Woody thought the consumer would be more enticed to try them served hot in warmers.

During Woody’s first year, he and a friend and fraternity brother Camp Blanton, started the C-Store Division of McCall Farms.  And now, for the past 16 years, the business has grown.

Please join SCACS in congratulating Mr. Woody Swink, our 2016 Supplier of the Year.

Eddie Buck Sr. 

Buck Management

Hall of Fame Award Goes to Eddie Buck Sr., Buck Management.

SCACS 2016 Award Winners

Store Manager of the Year
Betty Simmons, EZ Shop

Retailer of the Year
Scott Landrum, Landrum Inc.

Supplier of the Year
Woody Swink, McCall Farms

Hall of Fame
Eddie Buck Sr., Buck Management Corp.

SCACS 2015 Award Winners

Store Manager of the Year
Karen Wall, Anderson Oil Company

Retailer of the Year
Larry Lytle, Speedway

Supplier of the Year
Gary Dozier, Core-Mark Distributors, Inc.

Independent Retailer of the Year
Jatin Patel, Param LLC


SCACS 2014 Award Winners

Store Manager of the Year
Kenneth Feagin, Hess Express

Retailer of the Year
Brent Drake, Drake Convenience

Supplier of the Year
Wayne Barlow, Sell Ethics/Jack Link’s Beef Jerky

Independent Retailer of the Year
Bonnie Hart, The City Marina Sea Store

SCACS 2013 Award Winners

Store Manager of the Year
Pam Weavil, Corner Mart

Retailer of the Year
Sheri Mehaffey, Blythewood Oil Co.

Supplier of the Year
Bubba Hopkins, Cheerwine/Carolina Beverage Corp.

Independent Retailer of the Year
Brent Townsend, SAV-A-Step, LLC

SCACS 2012 Award Winners

Supplier of the Year
PET Dairy

Retailer of the Year
Bob Brandi Stations

Store Manager of the Year
Teresa Farley, B&B Convenience Stores

SCACS 2011 Award Winners

Supplier of the Year
Thomas & Howard Company

Retailer of the Year
Blythewood Oil Company

Store Manager of the Year
Barbara Crolley, Buck Management Crop.

SCACS 2010 Award Winners

Supplier of the Year
American Snuff Company

Retailer of the Year
Hickory Point

Store Manager of the Year
Angie Fortner, Charlie B’s C-Store

SCACS 2009 Award Winners

Supplier of the Year

Retailer of the Year
Buck Management

Store Manager of the Year
Kathy Carter, Hess Express

SCACS 2008 Award Winners

Supplier of the Year
Anheuser Busch

Retailer of the Year

Store Manager of the Year
Sandy Bell, Sunoco, Inc.

SCACS 2007 Award Winners

Supplier of the Year
Lance Snacks, Inc.

Retailer of the Year
Piedmont Petroleum

Store Manager of the Year
Teri Saunders, Bountyland Quick Stops

SCACS 2006 Award Winners

Supplier of the Year
J.T. Davenport & Sons

Retailer of the Year
Worsley Companies

Store Manager of the Year
Darcie Guerry, Sunoco, Inc.

Award Testimonials

Woody Swink- 2016 Supplier of the Year Winner

It is an honor to win the SCACS supplier of the year.  This has been a great organization to our company and has allowed us to grow our convenience store business not only in the Carolina’s but through the south.

There is great leadership in this organization and we look forward to being members for a long time to come.

Gary Dozier – 2015 Supplier of the Year Winner

“Being awarded Supplier of the Year by SCACS is one of the most prestigious honors any supplier can receive. The recognition from your peers is humbling and very rewarding”


Bonnie Hart – 2014 Independent Retailer of the Year Winner

“It was an honor to be chosen as the Independent Retailer of the Year; to be recognized among my peers as one of the best, among the best. The SCACS awards program offers recognition in an industry where recognition for a job well done is usually only seen on the bottom line, especially for Independent Retailers and their managers. The award for Supplier of the Year is much needed recognition for companies who strive to be great business partners, giving excellent customer service and increasing not only their own company’s profits but the store’s as well.”


Dale Feagin – 2014 Store Manager of the Year Winner

“Winning the SCACS Store Manager of the year was one of the highlights of my life.   From the day I was surprised by a store full of friends, co workers, and family to the last day of the convention, it was all an exciting time!  The prizes were outstanding and the accommodations at the convention were first class.  But more than the material things was the feeling of truly being appreciated for all my hard work.  Thanks SCACS for a memory my family and I will always treasure.”