With your Membership:

  • Jim Hudson Automotive Group · Automotive Purchasing Program · A membership benefit for SCACS is our Automotive Purchasing Program at invoice from Jim Hudson Automotive Group. Members have the privilege of getting their Fleet Vehicles and Personal Vehicles at invoice plus available rebates. Contact SCACS Headquarters at 803-419-0804 for more information.
  • Free HR Consultant · As a member, you have access to different resources at all times, if you would like to call an HR company to get a free assistance, call headquarters to get more information.
  • Federated Insurance – Insurance Programs
    Federated Insurance is proud to partner with the South Carolina Association of Convenience Stores (SCACS). Contact Hannah Lorance at SCACS for information at 803-419-0804. Federated Insurance has a health program designed for your hourly wage employees. Most C-store employers figure all costs based on man-hours and our program allows you to know your exact insurance cost—no matter how many employees cover a shift. This plan is available from one to several hundred employees and is guarantee issue. Part timers are eligible. Federated also offers all Property & Casualty programs for your stores and has guaranteed discounts for members of SCACS. Federated can fit your specific business needs. All of their programs are also available to non-retailers as well. To see your local Federated Insurance representative Click Here 
  • Need a Tax Service · Millions of dollars in tax credits go unclaimed each year by companies that qualify to claim credits but do not file the appropriate paperwork. One commonly missed tax credit is the work opportunity tax credit (WOTC), a credit for employers that hire qualified employees. Call headquarters and we will put you with our business partner for tax consultant help.
  • Public Relations · SCACS has an established public relations committee that was charged to build relationships and create Association projects that will enhance the retail industry among its members and customers. Many of these accomplishments are listed in our Projects and Scholarship/Awards sections.
  • Legislative Issues · SCACS has a full time Executive Director to represent its members in all pertinent legislative matters. The Association devotes much of its time during South Carolina’s Legislative session tracking all relevant areas of the state’s government affairs and administrative agencies activities. The Association has had much success in a variety of legislative matters including South Carolina’s drive-off bill and a 7% commission rate for all retailers selling lottery.
  • Scholarship Program · Each year we give thousands of dollars away for members, their employees and their family members. Check out our Forms section, see if you are eligible and download the Scholarship application. Deadline to turn scholarships are May 15th. Let Hannah Griffin know if you would like to donate to the Scholarship fund.
  • Political Action Committee · The SCACS Political Action Committee is an important committee for the Association. The Committee has given financial support to individual candidates and caucus groups in the State of South Carolina. Let Hannah Lorance know if you would like to donate to this PAC fund.
  • Awards · Annually we give away a Store Manager of the Year, a Retailer of the Year, an Independent Retailer of the Year (for the retailer that has 1 or 2 stores), and a Supplier of the Year. Submit an candidate-see forms section on the left and download the one you need. Deadline to submit a candidate is May 15th.
  • Newsletter · The Association circulates a quarterly newsletter for its members. This newsletter includes dates of upcoming industry events, articles from industry leaders, legislative updates, news/tips from its members, information relating to industry trends, and a listing of upcoming seminars or workshop opportunities.
  • Membership Directory · Printed annually, all members will get a hard copy of a listing of all members’ contact information.
  • Annual Convention · Every summer SCACS holds its Annual Convention at a beautiful resort location. This convention brings together a variety of retail and supplier members and their families in a relaxed and entertaining setting. It allows the members to network with one another and builds valuable relationships that have proven to be one of the greatest benefits to its members. The Annual Convention includes the annual meeting of the membership, industry trend discussions and our Legislative Roundtable discussions that has hosted many of South Carolina’s legislative leadership from both the House of Representatives and the South Carolina Senate. The Association has also been honored to host past Governors and members of the United States Congress. Our Convention has fun activities for children and wonderful social events including a spouse program.
  •  Educational Seminars · Seminars and workshops are held each year for its members. These educational opportunities are designed to present members with new training programs and/or inform members of industry trends.
  • Planning Conference · This annual event is designed to give the opportunity for all members, (big or small, retailer or supplier) the ability to participate in all areas of the Association to plan events and set new goals for the following year.
  • Drive Off Decals · Governor Hodges signed into law the Gasoline Drive-Off bill on February 25, 2000. The bill makes it unlawful for a motorist to leave the premises of an establishment at which gasoline, if offered for retail sale, was dispensed into the tank. A person who intentionally violates this is guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction, must be fined not more than five hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than 30 days or both. At the discretion of the sentencing judge, the person’s driver’s license may be suspended for a period of no more than 30 days for the first offense and no more than 90 days for the second offense. The South Carolina Department of Public Safety shall suspend the driver’s license of a person upon receiving satisfactory evidence that the person has been convicted. SCACS has available gas tank decals for the membership. Members may purchase the decals for $1.00 each. These decals were developed through the cooperation of the South Carolina Department of Public Safety.
  • Members Website Benefits · Members have a fully searchable online member directory. Members can update their company information, contact information, and website links directly on the website. Members can find and search the Legislative Updates online from our database. Members can register online for all Association events and even re-new their memberships online. Members can send an e-mail to all board members regarding a pertinent issue to them. Members can view the current committees and find out which committee is responsible for what activities for the association.
  • Facebook · Like us on facebook, so you can stay updated with news, upcoming events and see photos of our members. Click to LIKE US!