Get Started With SCACS. 

To get the most out of your membership, get off on the right foot.  Here are a few important steps to take as you begin your SCACS experience.

Log on and explore.  To access members-only online content, you must be logged onto the website.  You should have received the password with your membership packet sent to you electronically when you signed up.  If you need assistance or did not receive your packet, contact Hannah Lorance at 803-419-0804 or email

Complete (or update) your member profile.  We want to know a little bit about you so we can deliver the content and communications that you will find most valuable.  Please complete your profile today.

Join the discussion. Discover, share, and connect with others through our members-only social network, SCACS Blog.  Join discussion groups of interest to you and start sharing ideas with your peers.

Mark your calendar.  Find educational programs, annual convention and other events.

Bookmark key resources. Make it easy to find the resources you’re likely to use repeatedly.  We recommend:


2. Get Connected

3. Get Involved


Hannah Lorance, SCACS Executive Director

Phone: (803) 419-0804

Hannah’s Cell: (803) 414 – 5314