Get Involved With SCACS.

Whether you choose to get involved to gain leadership opportunities, build your resume, increase your organization’s exposure in the association industry, or give back to the profession, you’ll find a meaningful way to participate in the SCACS community.

Volunteer. Volunteer with a SCACS committee or assist at events.  Click here to see a full list of committees and sign up or if you are interested in volunteering at a specific event contact Hannah Lorance at 803-419-0804 or email

Contribute. SCACS resources draw heavily on the knowledge and experience of our members.  You can contribute in a variety of ways:

  • Share a sample document.  Email a sample document of collections you want to SCACS website to host to help others in this industry.
  • Become a presenter.  Submit your idea and topic you would like to speak for an education session for any of the educational programs to
  • Be a resource for the SCACS Newsletter. Help the editors plan the future content by sharing news tips, volunteer to write an article or suggest possible sources for content.  Email ideas/articles/tips to

Influence public policy.  Learn about legislative activities and become an advocate for the association community.

Lend your support. Help support SCACS and the future of the association:

  • Influence your peers. How has SCACS membership benefited you? Share your story and send a testimonial to Would you like to be considered for a ride-a-long? You can share your story with prospects in person.
  • Invest. Contibute to the future of the association by joining the board of directors. Email if you are interested in a board seat. You must serve on a committee for a year first.

Advertise. Find out all the ways you can increase your visibility and your company’s business by advertising and exhibiting with SCACS.

Sponsorships. Gain even more exposure and support the industry by becoming a sponsor at major SCACS events.



Hannah Lorance, SCACS Executive Director

Phone: (803) 419-0804

Hannah’s Cell: (803) 414 – 5314