Help SCACS – Make your voice heard!

By March 27, 2018Blog, Legislative

Dear SCACS Member,

Make your voice heard!  As a benefit of being a member of the South Carolina Association of Convenience Stores (SCACS), you have asked SCACS to fight for you at the statehouse level and keep you updated on legislative issues that arise.

Well, you have the opportunity to help SCACS, as owners, employees, voters, volunteers and contributors to the communities where you live and work, your voice and opinions are extremely important and influential to SCACS and our grassroot efforts.

SCACS has worked with a company called RAP Index and now has a way to gauge the reach of our collective networks and enable us to effectively plan for the future policy discussions. By understanding our network of relationships with elected officials, we can build advocacy programs that help advance our positions on any number of legislative issues that directly impact you and your business.

Please take a few minutes of your time to take this brief survey below by clicking on the link or button below, because your participation WILLmake a difference for SCACS.

Thank you for your time and support,

Kenneth Cosgrove,
Chairman of the Legislative Committee

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