Employees Matter Thursday – Booster Fuels Eliminates Pit-Stop for Gas

By November 29, 2018Blog

Booster Fuels Eliminates Pit-Stop for Gas

Company delivers and fills up fuel in parked cars while customers work.
November 27, 2018

Founded in 2014, Booster Fuels is refueling cars while drivers are at work—reducing the need for gas station fill-ups. The service is operating in 20 U.S. cities, in the parking lots of 300 companies in California and Texas.

Once a customer schedules a service via an app, a Booster Fuels service pro drives a truck that squeezes through parking lots to refill their cars while they’re working. The company’s tanker trucks load up on fuel and deliver it from a single vehicle.

According to a CNBC article, CEO Frank Mycroft says Booster generates $180,000 in revenue daily and has already delivered 1 million tanks of gas to customers. The process cuts out the middleman as the company buys fuel wholesale from providers like Exxon and Shell.

It’s getting the attention of HR departments too. Facebook, PayPal and Pepsi are offering the service to their employees by giving Booster access to company parking lots and spreading the word about the service.

Booster customers are charged for each fuel delivery. You simply schedule a service via an app and make sure your gas cap is accessible wherever the vehicle is parked. In the next year, Booster Fuels will use the $32 million in venture funding to expand into new company lots and three more states.

Booster Fuels is not the only service changing how consumers buy gas these days. Read more about on-demand fueling in the cover story of the October issue of NACS Magazine.

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