Getting involved with SCACS makes a difference.  A committee can be one of the most productive tools that an association has to work with.  A committee member’s contribution and participation on the committee will determine its success or failure.  If committee members participate, get involved, and encourage others on the committee to do so, the committee will be successful.  Enthusiasm is contagious.  The findings of a committee have a direct impact on the decisions made by the officers and the board of directors of the association.  The energy a committee member puts into your work on the committee has a direct influence on the direction your association takes.

Functions of being on a Committee
The primary function of a committee is to contribute to the efficient operation of SCACS.  In most cases, a committee is concerned with the communication of information and with assisting the leadership in the decision-making process by providing needed information.

 Committee Members Duties

  • Should be appointed because they are knowledgeable about or interested in the committee’s area of activity.
  • Should know who the committee chairman is.
  • Should know what the specific responsibilities of committee are.
  • Should know what the responsibilities of the association staff to the committee are.
  • Should know what the past performance of the committee has been.
  • Should know what the reporting procedure to the board of directors is.
  • Should establish realistic attainable goals for their committee.
  • Should get involved and participate.


Convention Committee Duties
– help determine theme for the convention
– help plan a great agenda for the convention attendees.
– willingness to be on convention conference calls
– help generate a great fund-raising Live Auction with gift ideas, etc.
– willingness to work with staff on convention sponsorships
– help determine top sponsor gift sets
– willingness to proof registration forms/brochures
– help determine t-shirt designs/bags/activities/kids program/signs/entertainment, etc.
– willingness to help volunteer at the convention and ask for other volunteers
– willingness to review convention survey results
Education Committee Duties 
– helps develop and implement programs and activities which will provide members with the opportunity to achieve the level of knowledge and skill necessary to serve in their day to day operational job duties.
– help plan the fishing tournament in the fall
– help solicit attendees and sponsors for the fall fishing tournament
Golf Committee Duties
– help determine goals and objectives for the Fall Golf Classic
– help increase retailer participation
– help maximizes number of players each year
– help determine player gift
– help find ways to maximize the PAC participation during play
– willingness to solicit for sponsorships
– willingness to be on golf conference calls in between committee meetings
– willingness to help volunteer at the Fall Golf Classic
– help coordinate the summer golf tee-times during the Annual Convention
Legislative Committee Duties
– willingness to attend events on behalf of SCACS
– willingness to meet with state and local legislators to distribute PAC checks
– willingness to help plan the legislative panel during the Annual Convention
– work with lobbyist to help SCACS stay on top of the current legislative issues at hand
Membership Matters Committee Duties 
– help create and implement recruitment and retention programs to increase and maintain membership engagement
– willingness to help on the membership drive
– help create and promote membership benefit programs
– help create and promote an agenda for the Petro Show
– willingness to attend with staff the wholesaler food shows to promote membership and gain new members at each show
Recognition Committee Duties 
– help identify recognition program objectives
– help market the award program and receive award nominations
– help set goals each year for # of nominations submitted
– help committee chair with the selection process of the award winners for each category
– help solicit scholarships to companies
– help set scholarship dollar goals
– help assist in the Hall of Fame nominations for the Board of Directors
– willingness to promote and attend the Store Manager of the Year Presentation (once winner is determined)

See list of current committee members below and if you are interested the form to sign up is at the end of this page.

2019 Convention Committee 

Ava Bell, PropelHR

Mike Fowler, PepsiCo.

Debbie Hayes, H.T. Hackney Co.

Sean Hogan, Anheuser-Busch, Inc.

Jeff Houser, MillerCoors

Brian Jsselson, Kingswood Leasing, Inc.

Brittany Kalivas, Anderson Oil Company, Inc.

Chuck Neil, Snyder’s-Lance

Ben Pinti, Lil Drug Store Products, Inc.

Brad Poe, Buck Mangement Corp.*Chair

Scott Sienkiewicz, Associated Distributors, Inc.

Brent Townsend, Sav-A-Step, LLC

2019 Education Committee 

Tomie Benton, Geological Resources, Inc.

Story Cosgrove, Piedmont Petroleum Corp.

Anne Garland, Sprint Food Stores, Inc.

Tim Huntley, Huntley Enterprises

Dennis Lambert, M.R. Williams, Inc.

Richard Little, Smith Rogers Oil Company, Inc.

Bo Orr, Federated Insurance *Chair

Terry Sumner, Sales-U-Bet

Terrill Tuten, Anderson Oil Company, Inc.

2019 Golf Committee 

Ryan Adams, Jones & Frank Corporation

Tom Boan, Swisher International, Inc.

Dean Davis, M.R. Williams  *Chair

Van Griffin, Griffin Electric Service, Inc.

Bubba Hopkins, Carolina Beverage Corp./Cheerwine

Rick Kiger, MDG Construction Services, LTD.

Mike Melton, Neuro Drinks

Gordon Phillips, Core-Mark Distributors Inc.

Mike Proffitt, Eagle Transport Corp.

Greg Ries, Snyder’s-Lance

Bill Slaughter, Republic Tobacco

2019 Legislative Committee

Liz Bahnsen, Marathon Petroleum Corporation (Speedway)

Kenneth Cosgrove, Piedmont Petroleum Corp. *Chair

Hal Crenshaw, Crenco Food Stores, Inc.

Amanda Curtis, Curtis Oil Company

Brent Drake, Drake Convenience, LLC

David Jordan, R.L. Jordan Oil Company

David Land Jr., Bountyland Quick Stop

Rohit Shetty, Geological Resources, Inc.

Jason Terry, Terry Environmental Services

2019 Membership Committee

Steve Acuff, BreakThru Beverage Group of SC

Philip Alvarez, Core-Mark Distributors Inc.

Lisa Hilbish, Geological Resources, Inc.

Leanne Jennings, J.L. Gaddy

Mike Jones, Frito-Lay, Inc.*Chair

Sheri Mehaffey, Blythewood Oil Company

Meghan Mehaffey, Blythewood Oil Company

2019 Recognition Committee 

Chris Algeo, S & D Coffee and Tea, Inc.

Jeff Driskill, J.L. Gaddy

Bonnie Hart, Safe Harbor Marinas *Co-Chair

Regina Pollock, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

Marty Postell, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated *Chair

Angie Price, Hoist Rapid Hydration

Antonio Robertson, SC Education Lottery

SCACS Committee Involvement

    Please indicate which committee you would like to participate in. Assignments will be made based on interest, feedback, and need.