Clarification on October 1st Deadline for Stamps on Cigarette Cartons

By September 27, 2019Blog

Again just a reminder, the grace period granted by the General Assembly to sell unstamped packs of cigarettes ends Monday, September 30th at midnight.  

All unstamped packs of cigarettes must be sold or removed by midnight, September 30th.  Any unstamped packs found after the deadline will be seized and subject to up to $500 for each pack. The Department of Revenue will be in your retail locations beginning October 1st looking for violations!

Retailers do notneed to submit any other inventory paperwork to DOR.  You just need to make sure that on October 1st you do not have any unstamped cigarettes available for sale.  If you have them in a back room the agents will not issue a violation, however, they may ask the location and if you would like for DOR to destroy that product for them. 
Please plan accordingly and have all unstamped packs sold or removed by midnight, Monday, September 30th.     

Let me know if you have any questions, 

Hannah Lorance
SCACS Executive Director
Phone: (803) 419-0804

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