Weekly Legislative Update – Feb. 16, 2018

  • Feb.13 – Rep. Chip Huggins (R-Lexington) was elected Chairman of the House Regulations and Administrative Procedures Committee by a 7-6 vote
  • Feb.13 – Attended reception for House Minority Leader Todd Rutherford (D-Richland)

The State: DHEC board chairman resigns as changes loom at SC environmental agency

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House Actions – Feb 16

Senate Actions – Feb 16

Week 6 News Feb 16

Weekly Legislative Update – Feb. 9, 2018

  • Feb. 6 – Attended House Republican Caucus meeting
  • Feb. 6 – Attended reception for Rep. Weston Newton (R-Beaufort), House Legislative Oversight Committee Chairman
  • Feb. 7 – Worked successfully to defeat an amendment to H. 3529 (auxiliary containers, the plastic bag bill), by Rep. Mike Pitts (R-Laurens) that would have places a one cent tax on every auxiliary container given to a customer by a restaurant or retailer. After this amendment was defeated, the bill which is supported by SCACS, received 2nd reading by a vote of 80-32.
  • Feb. 8  – Attended Senate Judiciary Subcommittee for H. 3549 (alcohol consumption near schools), which was amended to clarify the language and was carried over


Please find your bill charts, bill introductions, and Session newsletter attached.

House Actions Feb 9

Senate Actions Feb 9

Week 5 Bill Intros Feb 9

Week 5 News Feb 9

2018 Legislative Update – January 

H. 3529 – Auxiliary Containers (Plastic Bag Bill)
On Jan. 10, the S.C. Conservation Coalition held a briefing for legislators where Folly Beach Mayor Tim Goodwin gave an update on the plastic bag legislation from 2017. Mayor Goodwin stated that the bill takes away a town or city’s ability to address local problems with pollution, and violates home rule. The majority of legislators in attendance were senators, who have not yet had the opportunity to hear testimony or take action on the bill. The bill remains on the House floor, after debate was adjourned on the bill on Jan. 10.



S. 831/H. 3777 – Cigarette Tax Stamps

S. 831 classifies cigarettes found at any point within the State without the required stamps contraband goods under certain circumstances, including if the cigarettes are found in the possession of a person offering them for sale or distribution and that person is not the first to receive the untaxed cigarettes in the state, or if the person is offering them for sale at retail within the state. The Senate passed the bill in February, and the House Ways and Means Committee has yet to act on the bill.



S. 575/H. 3664 – Cigarette Surtax

S. 575 revises the weight limitation on cigarettes from 3 pounds or less per one thousand cigarettes to 4.5 pounds or less per one thousand cigarettes. The bill also exempts cigarettes wrapped in tobacco leaf with no filter. The bill was introduced in 2017, and has yet to be taken up by the Senate Finance Committee.



H. 3650 – SC Business License Tax Standardization Act

The Business License Tax Standardization Act amends and standardizes how localities can impose business licenses taxes. It is an effort to ease regulatory burdens on businesses operating in multiple localities. The bill was recommitted to the House Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee in March.



S. 819 – Beverage Container Recycling Act – New Introduction for 2018
The Beverage Container Recycling Act requires a refundable deposit for certain types of beverage containers, and establishes provisions for redemption centers that may be operated by a store. The bill was pre-filed in December 2017 and referred to committee on Jan. 9.